Stranger Things: The Experience, London UK (2022)

Ever wanted to be a protagonist of a Stranger Things Adventure?

Ever wanted to join Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Max, and Will for a very special episode featuring YOU!? Then Stranger Things: The Experience is the right place to do that! Experience Hawkins lab for 45 minutes, with an amazing immersive experience featuring a brand new Stranger Things storyline, experience The Upside Down after escaping Hawkins Lab, and then explore an 80s themed Mix-Tape room, featuring food and drink, special merchandise and special photo-ops, after helping the kids of Hawkins escape the Upside Down.

Sound good?

Well, I experienced this and I have to say I LOVED EVERY SECOND!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge fan of the show, I was super excited to attend this event which is/soon to have been, located in Brent Cross in Northwest London.

I had bought two VIP tickets, one for me and one for someone I knew from being a fan of a band I like, but she never showed up, so I was alone – and as annoyed as I had been, I enjoyed this event far better on my own – I got two VIP lanyards, two free drink vouchers, two free gift bags – which was a Stranger Things: The Experience Tote Bag(s), and Dustin Bluetooth speaker(s).

The Experience was amazing, and if I could go again and do it over again for the first time I would! The Hawkins Lab escape was similar to an escape room challenge, and I felt I was actually in an episode of Stranger Things. The challenge involved a number of us to communicate via our “superpowers” to Dustin, Erica to escape from the rainbow room to the lab technician room, where we were greeted by Mike, Lucas and Will via a computer screen. This challenge involved us to us to,… ah wait, I can’t tell you that! I will say is during this challenge I did hide behind a few people before being called upon by Mike, Lucas and Will to direct everyone to the next challenge, which took us to another realm… The Upside Down!

This experience was nothing I had ever experienced before, and I enjoyed every single second of it! Just writing this review on my experience is giving me excited vibes all over again. It was just phenomenal and I would absolutely love to go again if this experience came back to London.

I dressed up as Max, and ended up being involved with some “directing” on a scene that the staff at Family Video were doing, that was so cool, too!

Since writing this review, The Stranger Things Experience has sadly finished. I hope for the people reading this, you had the chance to go and for those who didn’t – I am sorry for your loss!

I came home with so many goodies I had to sit on my suitcase to close it once I packed away my travel essentials, change of clothes, and the stuff I bought from the experience too.

Hawkins Post, which I will be framing, lol.

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