Emily In Paris 2020-Present (Netflix)

Creator: Darren Star

Starring: Lily Collins, Philipine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park, Samuel Arnold, Bruno Gouery, Lucas Bravo, Lucien Laviscount, Camille Razat, Kate Walsh, Kevin Dias, William Abadie, Jean-Cristophe Bouvet, Jin Xuan Mao, Soren Brengendal.

Emily In Paris returned to Netflix for the third season in the popular streaming show.

This show follows Emily, a young woman from Chicago who holds a Marketing Executive role, who ends up landing her dream job in Paris when her boss Madeline becomes pregnant and unable to go to Paris as planned.

Image Source: Google Images / Vox

From the first two series it involves Emily moving to Paris with next to no knowledge in speaking French which quickly starts to make her feel an outsider due to this reason, and being an American, a “basic bitch” as Pierre Cadault tells her, when he meets her for the first time.

This all changes the second Emily meets Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and when she meets her first friend in Paris – Mindy, who helps her settle into Paris and helps her to learn French, too.

The TV series has now reached its third series, and it is a very good watch. I binged series 3 within a day and then decided to watch it from the beginning, from season one, which I have now watched all three seasons 4 times, currently.

Image Source: Google Images / The Sun

This is a feel good show, which is filled with adventures, and surprising challenges as Emily faces challenges as she tries to win over her new, French, colleagues, making new friends and clients, and navigating new romances.

If you are reading this review and have yet to watch this show, I give the high suggestion to go to Netflix and watch it. It is a good watch and, like me, will most likely make you want to visit Paris – as the city looks so beautiful. I am learning French through Duolingo so I have a little bit of basic knowledge of the language if I ever went to visit the city in the new year!

Great TV show, I am excited for season 4, and I hope when they start to film for season 4 I can get the opportunity to visit Paris during recording, how cool would that be!?

The casting, filming, locations and the creation of this TV series is one I love and it has a perfect casting, Lily Collins plays Emily Cooper very well, and thinking of all the cast I cannot think of anyone better, perfect TV show!

Video Source: YouTube.com / Netflix

I rate this TV show 5 stars.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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