The Tomorrow War (2021)

Directed by: Chris McKay

Written by: Zach Dean

Starring: Chris Pratt, J.K Simmons, Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson, Jasmine Mathews,

The world becomes stunned when a group of time travelers from 30 years into the future, the year 2051, delivers an urgent message stating that mankind is losing a global war against a deadly alien species that has taken over the planet!.

The only hope for survival is to call upon people from the present day, December 2022, to become soldiers and to be transported to the future to save the world, and humanity. Amongst the ones who are being recruited, High School teacher and family man, Dan Forester, (Chris Pratt), is one of the many who has been recruited to help save the world!

After experiencing the world from 30 years ahead of the current time, he is thrown into the deep end and on a rescue mission for some soldiers currently trapped and need help getting out, but when this fails, the remaining soldiers end up back at base, where Dan meets his daughter and sees how well she has done for herself, but after Dan finds himself on another mission – with his daughter, he does everything he can to protect her, but this mission goes wrong when they fail to defeat the alien monsters.

Image Source: Google Images / Koimoi

Being transported back to the present day, Dan wakes up in a hospital bed with an antidote where he states it is what is needed to destroy the monsters and save the world!

Without giving too much away, this is one of THE BEST Sci-fi/Action films I have seen for a while, and it makes this film even better with Chris Pratt starring in, and also being the executive producer – he did a great job with this, alongside Chris McKay!

I really enjoyed this film, my surround sound I have set up in my room, had me feel I had just been in the cinema, as it was set up correctly for watching films, and this was the first film I watched after setting the sound for correct tuning, for films!

Amazing writing and directing, for this movie, and all-round great casting and plot! GREAT film, I cannot rate it enough!!

Side note: I ordered Pizza so I can watch this film and eat my dinner too, and forgot I had pizza, as I was on edge for the whole duration of this movie!! I even found myself screaming at the TV towards the near end, intense scenes were given from me, I even switched my phone onto Do Not Disturb, so I was not distracted by messages, then panicked at the end credits when I forgot where my phone was, I was sitting on it, LOL.

Image Source: Google Images / Cinema Express

If you haven’t seen this film yet, what are you doing?! Sit down, NOW, and watch it! I can promise you if you are looking for a good film to watch, which has you on the edge of your sofa, chair, bed, whatever platform you are sitting on, this film is one you HAVE to watch, I absolutely loved it, from start to finish!!

Chris Pratt is amazing in this film, and so is Yvonne Strahovski (who you may know from being Serena Joy Waterford in The Handmaid’s Tale). Her acting in this movie is as good as it is in The Handmaid’s Tale, if not better! And, Chris Pratt, well, he just blows me away, I love watching him in films, he is one of my favourite actors, and he was as amazing, as usual, in this movie!

Spoiler Alert: There is a scene near the start where he is topless and my goodness, I almost reached for something cold to cool myself off…

I give this film a maximum rating of 5 stars but I rate it so much higher, it definitely reaches a 10/10 on the rating scale for me, 100% one of the best films on Amazon Prime, currently!

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Video Source: YouTube / Amazon Prime Video.

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