Freaky (2021)

Written by: Michael Kennedy & Christopher Landon

Directed by: Christopher Landon

Produced by: Jason Blum (Blumhouse Productions)

Starring: Vince Vaughn, Kathryn Newton, Celeste O’Connor, Nicholas Stargel, Mitchell Hoog, Misha Osherovich, Emily Holder.

The Storyline of Freaky, revolves around seventeen-year-old Millie Kessler who spends her days attempting to survive high school and the actions that the popular crowd perform daily.

However, her high school senior years become the least of her worries when she comes across a wanted serial killer, who is nick-named “the butcher” ends up magically swapping bodies with Millie after using a mystical dagger, and the frightened teen – now in The Butchers body has 24 hours to get her identity back, and back into her own teenage body before she ends up locked in a middle-aged serial killers body, forever.

The Butcher in Millie’s body, after the body swap. Image Source: Google Images / Variety

I remember seeing the trailer to this film at some point in 2020, and said to myself I would see it, as I am a fan of Vince Vaughn, and then I admit, with Covid and Lockdown, I completely forgot about this film, as everything had been halted, including the premiere of this film. However, I remembered it once I started seeing promotions for it, and the trailer rocked up again a few times on my YouTube timeline, and with working at a cinema now, I had time to watch this on a day off, a day or two after release.

My opinion: I am a bit neutral on what to say, I expected a bit more from this film, considering it is suppose to be a horror, with some elements of comedy, which made me laugh at scenes, I did expect more from this film, particularly relating to the horror side of things, and I cannot help but feel more impressed by the trailer than the actual film!

Vince Vaughn was good at portraying a teenage girl did have me crying with laughter, and the scene with him and the young lad in the car, as Millie was still in The Butchers body in this scene, made it even more funnier seeing Vince acting as a teenage girl with a crush, it was very entertaining to watch. I felt it was very well acted out, and very funny!!

Vince Vaughn as Millie Kessler, with Millie Crush, car scene. Image Source: Google Images / Adrian vs. The World

In regards to Kathryn Newton when she was acting like The Butcher, I felt she did her part well, and I would not want to come across her dagger eyes on a dark night, because the face acting alone is enough to scare anyone away, but again, for me, I expected more and the trailer, unfortunately, made me more excited for the film than the actual film…

Apart from this, it was a fun watch, Vince Vaughn is entertaining, as he always is!

As I always say in all my reviews, I recommend to all my readers to watch the films I review, and this one is no different, as this film has received some great critic reviews with Rotten Tomatoes rating it at 83% critical vote, so what are you waiting for? Go and watch it! Support your local cinema, and have a great time!!

I will most likely go and watch it again, in a few weeks, just to get a second take on the film, but if you need a chilled night out, visit your local cinema and choose this film to watch, it is more comedy than horror!

I rate this 4 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Video Source: YouTube / Universal Pictures

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