Moxie (2021)

Directed by: Amy Poehler

Written by: Jennifer Mathieu, Tamara Chestna & Dylan Meyer.

Starring: Hadley Robinson, Lauren Tsai, Alycia Pascual-Pena, Nico Hiraga, Sabrina Haskett, Patrick Schwartzenegger, Sydney Park, Josephine Langford, and many more cast members.

A film created by Netflix, focusing on a teenage girl who is inspired by her mothers rebellious past, growing up, the shy 16 year old creates an anonymous magazine named “Moxie”, where the purpose of this focuses, and calls out, on sexism at her high school.

Image source: Google Images.

From watching this film, I can confirm I thoroughly enjoyed it. The acting and production of this film were great! This film is set around strong feminism and the issues women face every day from men. With issues going on at the moment in the world, I feel this film is very fitting with the way the world is today and it’s a good insight to see the focus on fighting back against such issues comes from the young women in our society, who are fighting for change for all women young or old. This film holds a very powerful message that changes HAVE to happen.

I recommend this film to anyone who is indecisive about it, I strongly suggest giving this a watch as I do feel it is insightful in more ways than many realise, due to the message the film has aimed, and succeeded, in giving out.

Image source: Google Images

This film is very empowering towards women, especially in the society we have today, and from many reviews I have read, before writing my own, I can see a lot of people disliked this film and to me that is not surprising as most of the negative reviews seemed to have been from people who may see their own self in the attitudes towards women in today’s world.

Although there are many films of a similar genre aimed at feminism and being empowering against sexism, I liked this film the best because it has a message that everyone needs to acknowledge and doesn’t gloss over any issues in our current society that need addressing and changing, particularly with young women.

I liked this film, and it includes a few people I recognise from other films (such as Josephine Langford), or TV shows as a few starring in this film were also in the new Saved By The Bell Reboot, too.

Check out the trailer below, and give this a watch on Netflix, it is worth it!

Source:; Netflix.

I rate this film with 5 stars!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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