Celebrity Encounters in London, May and June 2019!

In 2019, I had a busy year working events, attending film premieres and meeting a fair few celebrities in London.

During one particular week in June 2019, I had booked a few nights in London as I had a few film premieres to attend; Rocket-man 2019, Toy Story 4, and the film Yesterday – starring Lily James and Himesh Patel.

Upon attending these premieres I had the opportunity to meet a fair few celebrities attending these film premieres including; Richard Madden, Mark Strong, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ed Sheeran (met him a few times before too!), Lily James, Himesh Patel, Tom Hanks, and Mark Ferris (who is best friends with Zoe Sugg and is a well known YouTuber).

I also caught a glimpse of Elton John at the European film premiere of Rocket-man and came close to meeting Taron Egerton but never had the opportunity as Elton John arrived and then Taron was ushered into the cinema screening after. However, I did manage to meet Richard Madden – this was my first meet with him and being a fan of his from Game of Thrones and also from the TV drama series Bodyguard, I had become excited for meeting him at this film premiere.

When I had met him, I remember shaking because I was so nervous due to everyone behind me at the barrier wanting photos or autographs, but also due to finally being able to meet him face to face. He was lovely to meet and talk to, and later on after the premiere had finished and people started to go home, I walked around the area and bumped into Richard again nearby, and had a nice chat with him before he wished me a safe journey back to Devon, and he headed back into the place he came out from. A few weeks after this moment, I had bumped into him again, whilst waiting to meet Tom Holland, in June 2019.

Me and Richard Madden, when I went back to London to meet Tom Holland and Richard Madden appeared unexpectedly.

Similar situation happened with Bryce Howard, as he also starred in the film but I never had the opportunity to meet her at the premiere and as I headed back to catch my coach home, I headed to where a few people I knew were, and ended up having the privilege meeting Bryce Dallas Howard, who, for those who know her by face and not by name, she stars in Jurassic World with Chris Pratt, as the character Claire Dearing. She has also been in an episode of Black Mirror in the episode Nosedive.

Meeting Bryce Dallas Howard in London, after the Rocketman 2019 film premiere.

With the other celebrities I have met, they were very brief meets during the film premieres, whether they were guests on invites to the red carpet, or starring in the films, but everyone I had met stopped, but Tom Hanks took two days for me to meet, as he did not stop for anyone at barriers other than media interviewers, and the children who attended for Toy Story 4 premiere. As my mum is a huge fan of his work, and love his films, I became determined to meet him before heading home, after staying in London for a few days for the few film premieres.

When I eventually did meet Tom Hanks, I felt incredibly lucky to have had the chance to talk to him, and gain a personalized autograph for my mum, from him. Tom Hanks was the nicest guy I had met and considering how well known he is, and loved, by people who appreciate and enjoy his films, I feel very proud to have persisted with trying to meet him and succeeding, as-well-as having photos taken of me meeting him and talking to him, too.

When I attended the film premiere of Yesterday 2019, starring Lily James and Himesh Patel, this was one of my favourite premieres to attend, as I had been lucky with the stars I had met, where I met Danny Boyle – who directed the film, Richard Curtis – who wrote the film, and the stars of the film including; Kate Mckinnon, Ed Sheeran, Lily James, Sanjeev Bhaskar and a few others. I had the chance to meet Himesh Patel, Ed Sheeran, and Richard Curtis again after the film premiere had ended and they had come out of the cinema, resulting in having the opportunity to talk to Himesh and mentioned to him that I loved him in Eastenders, to which he winked at me and laughed. I also came away from this premiere with an oversized T-shirt which a few were given away during the premiere. Images provided below.

After this day, I headed home as this was the last premiere I needed to attend for a few weeks, and my plan had been to chill out at home and upload my photos onto my Instagram and reflect on the week I had in London. This did not go to plan however when I had a last-minute call from a friend of mine about Tom Holland being around for the new Spider-man: Far From Home film being promoted, where he, Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jon Favreau, Jacob Batalon, and Samuel L. Jackson was in London.

So, on the Friday I headed back to London early morning from Devon and arrived into London just after 8am, and headed to the location to where they were, and upon arriving, ended up bumping into Richard Madden again, as he came out of the hotel and into his taxi, he stopped for a photo with me and also stopped for someone else who was around, and he mentioned he had been running late for a scene that was being filmed for the film 1917, which he was filming for, but said it was good seeing me.

After this, a few hours afterwards, Tom Holland arrived back with his brother Harry, and came out of the hotel in his spider-man suit, to where Harry Holland filmed on his camera, to where the clip of me meeting Tom ended up on Tom’s Instagram grid, Jacob Batalon’s Instagram grid, and also the small clip of me with Tom, on Harry’s Instagram when he explained the benefits of his Nikon Camera, to where he uses the clip of Tom meeting me, to demonstrate with three other clips from different events. Shortly after meeting Tom, I bumped into Harry Holland near Battersea, London, as Tom had a charity screening at the cinema around the area – which I missed Tom, but managed to meet Harry – and he said he liked my car :).

After this, I headed home, and had a few weeks break before heading back to London for more adventures in July – which I will be revealing all in a new post, so keep an eye on that coming soon!!

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