Saved By The Bell Reboot 2020: Update.

Following on from my brief mention in the post “What I Watched in October”, I mentioned watching the old, original TV Show of Saved By The Bell. Also, I mentioned how much I am looking forward to the reboot series, since Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley announced it via their Instagram in December 2019. Since publishing the page, I felt this particular post was needed, as more entertainment news surrounding the reboot has been released.

Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez via Mario’s Instagram Video post, in January 2020

Since my mention of this show a few days ago, more news has been released about the TV series and about old characters making a comeback. The latest news is around Lark Voorhies surprise return, as she played Lisa Turtle in the original show.

From reading a Yahoo article, it looks as though they will be introducing Lisa back into the show thriving with a successful fashion career. As of yet, we are unsure how many episodes she will be appearing in, or even when she will pop up. However, it is refreshing to know they have brought her character back into the career she was destined to be in, as she always loved clothes and fashion, from the original show series.

I have also read up that the new revival series will have a total of 10 episodes in the series, which will be available to binge too – aw yeah!! However, this will only be available to people within the US, so unless you have a working VPN that allows you to watch it, then you may have to wait! The UK currently has no date of when it will reach us!

Zack and Kelly are also back in the revival series, as-well-as A.C Slater and Jessie, but sadly Screech won’t be (probably due to several reasons in his life, which aren’t all that good..) Dustin did comment to The Sun US about it, he said that if the other characters are set to return then, Screech should be too as he says he was in almost every original episode. Judging by the article, I don’t think he was at all happy with the decision from producers! Another returner will be Ed Alonzo who played Max in the original series – and judging by what he looks like now, he hasn’t aged much at all, but neither have many of the other characters either – especially Mario Lopez – that guy looks good for his age!.

Image Via Google Images; Jessie, Kelly, Zac and A.C Slater back together in this photo, minus Lisa and Screech.

Within the trailer of the new revival, it shows that AC still spends the majority of his time at Bayside High School, Whilst Zack has gone on to become the Governor of California – Woah!!

The series kicks off where a scandal happens to lead to low-income high schools within the area being closed down, so it’s down to the Governor of California – Zack Morris, to make the decision to move the kids from the low-income schools to attend Bayside High School. The new kids end up clashing with the preppy kids of the school.

But we have yet to find out what Kelly Kapowski has been up to since graduating Bayside and I am yet to find out where she fits in, maybe she has a connection to a student? Either way, it’s going to be interesting to find out…

Catch it on Peacock TV from 25th November 2020!

The casting for this new series includes:

Elizabeth Berkley – Jessie Spano.

Belmont Cameli – Jamie Spano.

Dexter Darden – Devante.

John Michael Higgins – Principle Ronald Toddman.

Michell Hoog – Mac Morris.

Mario Lopez –A.C. Slater.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar – Zack Morris

Alycia Pascual- Pena – Aisha.

Josie Totah – Lexi.

Haskiri Velazquez – Daisy.

Abraham Rodriguez – Spencer.

Tiffani Thiessen – Kelly Kapowski.

Lark Voorhies – Lisa Turtle.

Trailer via TV Promos on

As Principle Toddman, in the trailer, says; “I don’t care about your dad, Spencer. I just care about Zack and Kelly!” which is exactly my thoughts as-well. I must admit, I had a HUGE crush on Zack Morris growing up, and loved the show, so I AM EXCITED for this return, more than I can ever express!

One last thing, who remembers this when Jimmy Fallon Went To Bayside, in 2015? I almost forgot about this, so I thought I would include this little treat for you all, enjoy!

Video via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallen YouTube Page,

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