Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father (2020)

This is a travel documentary that is presented by Michael Whitehall and comedian Jack Whitehall, a father and son duo.

This show first debuted on Netflix in September 2017, and quickly became a big hit and ended up being streamed far and wide, and currently has 4 series of the travel series available to stream.

The first series of the show covered Michael and Jack travelling to South East Asia, as Jack branded “gap year with my father” and this series involved the pair travelling through Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, following the mischiefs of Jack winding his father up. The witty responses Michael throws back at Jack topped my entertainment, this is also the series where Winston Whitehall is adopted by Michael, during Jack and Michael’s trip to Thailand. This was soon renewed for a second series by popular demand.

Series one of Travels, and a family portrait of Jack’s new adopted brother doll, Winston. Image via Google Images.

Series two of this travels series involved Michael (Father Whitehall) and Jack travelling Eastern Europe, with Winston too, obviously, visiting Germany, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Turkey, but Jack has other plans other than the Grand Tours of 18th century and timeless art and ends up taking his dad on a detour, as he does in every episode, but one of them involves both of them dressing up as clowns for an arts festival in Ukraine. This series was dropped on Netflix in September 2018.

Michael and Jack in clown costumes in Ukraine, (series 2). Image via Google images.

Series three involves Jack and Michael travelling around the American West, with Winston, where Jack shows his father around in the hope he will move there with him. Michael tries to take over the trip but fails when Hilary, Jacks mum and Michaels wife, ends up joining them. They all attend a Magic Mike show, with Jack “forgetting” to let Michael know it isn’t an actual magic show, but completely getting embarrassed by his mother who shows them both up by enjoying the show far too much! This series was dropped on Netflix in September 2019.

Jack and Michael chilling in America, series 3, by the pool, Michael in a suit, as you do. Images via Google Images.

Series four recently dropped on Netflix, in September 2020, where Michael and Jack travel around Australia, where filming of the show happened during Jack’s Australian leg of his tour: Stood Up. This series only features two episodes, and Jack’s mum joins them too, before she heads back to England, with Winston, to help with the wedding of Molly Whitehall, Jack’s sister. The episodes feature visiting the Sydney Opera House, Jack speed dating to gain a “plus one” for his sister Molly’s wedding in England, which Jack mentions happens shortly after his tour ends in Australia, and Jack and Michael attempting Drag.

Michael and Jack in Australia, series four. Image via Google Images.

Check out the trailer of the latest series below:

Trailer of Series 4 of Travels, via YouTube.

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