Things Heard and Seen (2021)

Written by: Elizabeth Brundage (based on the novel “All Things Cease to Appear”, Shari Springer Berman, and Robert Pulcini.

Directed by: Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini.

Starring: Amanda Seyfried, James Norton, Natalia Dyer, Anna Sophie Heger, and many others who are not main castings.

The story of this film bases around the 1980’s era, where a Manhattan artist (Seyfried), relocates her young family to a historic home within the Hudson Valley. As she starts to settle into her new life, in her new town, she begins to suspect that all is not what it seems within the home and within her marriage, which has a sinister darkness to it, one which rivals her new home’s history…

Image Source: / IMDb

I watched this as part of the Netflix October Horror Calendar – which was the fourth film on the calendar board, and this film is not what I expected at all.

I am not sure what it was I expected, but this was not as great as I first anticipated. It started off great – and then I started losing some interest in the plot of the story, and with the casting of this film, particularly with Natalia Dyer and Amada Seyfried, I expected more, Umph, maybe? More scenes to grip the viewer and that is not what I felt!

It was too predictive for my liking, as soon as the scenes of the old house which Catherine (Seyfried) moved her family to emerged, and the scene with her husband, George (Norton) was seen talking to a young girl named Willis, played by Natalia Dyer, I just knew where the plot was leading.

Unfortunately, I have to agree on the critic’s reviews on this one and rate it low.

I rate this film 2 stars

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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