Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)

Written by: Chris Thomas Devlin, Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues.

Directed by: David Blue Garcia

Starring: Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Mark Burnham, Jacob Latimore, and many other cast members who are not main castings.

After 48 years of hiding, Leatherface (Burnham) resurfaces and terrorizes a group of young people who enter his town in Texas and disrupts his shielded world within a remote Texas town.

This film is the second film to watch from the Netflix October Horror Calendar, (2nd October 2022) and I was not amused or entertained by this film, which explains why the initial cinema release was heavily slated in 2021, and was sold to Netflix instead, where it debuted in February 2022.

I felt this was way too predictable for a film and was nowhere near the original in terms of horror. There were scenes of blood and gore, but that was all there was to initially try and keep me watching – which I never do great with a lot of blood or gore, but as this was the only decent thing about the whole plot to the film, I had to finish it.

Image Source: Google.com / Talk Film Society

The video shots within this film were great, with some great location work and some great music, but the rest was overkill, which brings me back to the reason it failed during the preview screenings before it was dropped from cinema release.

I am trying to find more positives to say about this film, but I am struggling. The characters were poor, and became irritating after a short while, Leatherface seemed all over the place, and the killings were just very predictable – even up to the very end.

It is a shame, as this did not match up to the original at all, and seemed like a very poor attempt to try and bring this into this century and be a horror – which, unfortunately, didn’t happen.

I rate this film 1 star

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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