It All Begins With A Song (2020)

Directed by: Chusy

Cast: Jessi Alexander, Charles Esten, Jonathan Cain, Shane MacAnally, Kacey Musgraves, Claude Kelly, Connie Harrington, Brett James.

Duration: 80 mins Released by: TriCoast Entertainment

It All Begins With A Song is a documentary directed by Chusy and features many musicians who have written and produced music in Nashville TN.

This documentary is a behind-the-scenes film documentary on how songs are created through the famous writing scene in Nashville, Tennessee. It is about the story which has never been told before, including the struggles of songwriting with some famous names, to their creative processes which made it into the music charts and became big hits.

The artists who wrote their songs are now involved in some of the best songs in history and this is because the songs they wrote came from their creativity, it speaks to the listeners even to this day, and they are the very essence of why music brings people together, because of the writing and creativity of the songs.

This documentary is an interesting one, and one which I enjoyed watching and learning about with the hard work behind the scenes and to learn how some of these songs were created, is an experience I will remember from now on.

It All Begins With A Song is one I recommend everyone to watch, from the moment I pressed play to watch it had my attention throughout. I love learning about how things I enjoy are created, especially within entertainment, and seeing the behind the scenes footage and learning songwriting, and what inspires people to write songs and create big hits too, it has certainly taught me something new and how much more I appreciate the music I listen to.

This documentary will certainly have you laughing, crying, and being amazed all at the same time, and have you coming away learning something new.

This is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video.

This film review is brought to you on behalf of Rock Salt Releasing, who I often write reviews for.

I give this a 5 star rating!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Video Source: YouTube / Movie Spree

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