Taylor Swift: City of Lover Concert (2020)

Taylor Swift wowed her fans with a special performance of Taylor Swift: City of Lover Concert.

This special was filmed in September 2019 at Paris’ L’Olympia Theatre in front of her fans from around the world, which came weeks after the release of her acclaimed seventh album, Lover.

The special shows Taylor interacting with her loyal fans and treating them to special performances of some of the most popular songs from Lover and included insights into the creativity of the album where she says, “A lot of these songs on this album I have never played live before!”.

The songs performed are:

  1. ME! – the opening song to the live performance – where Taylor comes on stage and dressed elegantly in a black blouse and glittered shorts with a cross over type cover – with black heeled boots, although I have always loved her fashion styles.
  1. Archer – before heading into this song, she speaks to the audience by saying thank you in French to the huge response she received after one song, and says, to her devoting fans in the theatre, “ wow, I think we’re gonna have some fun tonight, I really do.”
  1. Death By A Thousand Cuts – which was brought to life on Guitar when Taylor originally wrote the songs so performed them in their original format.
  1. Cornelia Street – where Taylor explained “I think I actually wrote this song when I was in the bathtub”, before going ahead and playing this live on her acoustic guitar.
  1. The Man – which gets a huge response, again, played from Taylor’s acoustic guitar with the whole crowd singing with her. Bearing in mind the response from this happened much before this song became an official single and music video.
  1. Daylight – which was played on piano. When I watched this, I had goose-bumps shoot through my whole body.
  1. You Need To Calm Down – where Taylor stated; “Love is so many things, love is chaos, love is madness, love is joy. Love is, in my opinion, equality”. Before pressing ahead to perform this number, which was also the first single from Lover.
  1. Lover – This was the song chosen to end the live show, where Taylor explains how the writing of Lover happened and why it is important to her and many of her fans around the world, before performing this song, on her beautiful pink “lover” guitar – to end the show.

After watching this on Disney +, I don’t think I can fault anything from this special. It has encouraged me to love the album more and after seeing some of the most played songs being performed created more love for Taylor Swift than what already exists.

This was available to stream on Disney+, seemingly for a limited time from May 2020, as I have checked to see if it is still available to stream, and unfortunately, it isn’t due to the new Taylor Swift special; Taylor Swift Folklore, the long pond studio sessions.

I rate this 5 stars!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Video Source: YouTube.com / ABC

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