The First Time I Met One Direction.

Following on from my previous post, relating to meeting Jedward and Olly Murs during the X Factor Tour 2009, I am now going to talk about the first time I met One Direction, before they were world-wide famous, and were on The X Factor 2010.

After the experience I previously experienced from the last X Factor tour in 2009, I enjoyed The X Factor 2010, because of One Direction. I was adamant about trying and meeting them during the tour. However, I didn’t have the privileges of visiting different cities this time, as I was limited to money and travel, I made a choice to travel to Brighton and to Cardiff, as the transport on the trains were not as expensive as they are nowadays!

After the live shows, I checked the tour dates and word got around quickly about where the stars could be staying and in what cities, and when people found out “rumoured” information on the hotels, particular hotels, especially in Cardiff and in Brighton, ended up being booked up, this was popular to do 10 years ago as everyone was into the show and wanted to get a glimpse of the stars in a place they were also staying in, there was a great buzz about it all.

As I had never visited Brighton before, it was an experience, as I had never been before. When I went to Brighton, I planned to seek out the venue first, to see who (if anyone) was waiting there, and then head off to the rumoured hotel after, which was not too far from where the venue was. When I arrived there, I spoke to a few people who were already waiting for the X Factor Stars, and they said they too were also planning to take a walk down to the hotel to see what was happening, so invited me to go with them, as they said they were hoping to meet Matt Cardle and Cher Lloyd. When we did arrive there, we saw a few people were waiting around the area, and noticed a few people had booked a room at the same hotel and were talking to Wagner in the hotel lobby.

I had the opportunity to meet One Direction (well apart from Zayn, as I remember he rarely stopped for anyone), I had the chance to meet Liam, Niall, Louis and Harry a good few times, and even joked with Louis about getting him a Lamborghini. Niall was showing people an Irish shirt he had, through his hotel window, before coming out to speak to the few of us.

Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry were all stood talking to us for a short while, whilst waiting for everyone else, which was nice, and they were lovely. Anyone who watched this show would know that Wagner was known as “another Jedward”, but people loved him! I honestly thought he was great, he invited a few of us into the hotel lobby in Brighton because he wanted us to “warm-up”, whilst he started falling asleep LOOL!

After this experience, I decided to travel to Cardiff, and book a stay, which luckily I found a room at a good price in the same hotel as I was in the previous year. I was completely unaware this was the same hotel as the stars, as it was not “fully booked” I assumed it won’t be the same hotel again, but once word got around (and quickly) that this was the hotel everyone was trying to find, it soon became fully booked. I felt lucky to have been in the same hotel AND ended up on the same floor as one of the contestants, I won’t say who, but I remember he laughed at my reaction when I came back from shopping. I expressed my excitement at a few items I bought in a sale (because the excitement overruled me). He asked me what I had bought before he went back into his hotel room, so there I was, showing this person some of the stuff I bought, in the middle of a hotel hallway, as you do…

Once I had sorted my stuff out, I went downstairs to see what everyone else was up to and found Niall was downstairs mingling with a few people in the lobby and decided to go outside to see people out there, as they were all waiting for different people, Niall seemed to be shifting his way through people and back around again, I think he was trying to kill some time before the tour buses arrived, but as they were not super world-wide famous at this point, he felt safe to do this. I ended up mingling with the crowd and got a few cheeky photos in.

After this tour, I went home and waited for another opportunity to meet them again, which, luckily, wasn’t too long of a wait, as they were featuring on “ITV this morning”, shortly after the tour ended. Simon Cowell signed them to a record deal, so this was where it all began for their world-wide fame, and below are some photos I have from the X Factor Tour and when I met them again in September 2011, in London.

Old photos of me with 1D and a photo of me with Matt Cardle, too, in Brighton on The X Factor Tour 2010. Top 4 photos are from Brighton, 2010, and bottom 4 are from London, 2011. Last photo on bottom right is when 1D guest appeared on The X Factor during the live shows in 2011.

I never managed to meet Zayn at all before they made it big worldwide, I think I met him once, and that was when I asked him to quickly stop for two of us, in London, to which he did before heading off in the car he got into.

And that is my first time, and a few times after my first time, of meeting One Direction before they were famous.

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