Buying & playing the Nintento Switch

I gifted myself a Nintendo Switch in January 2022, and since then I have played a few games, bought some games, and played the same games over and over (mainly Animal Crossing), with a switchover to Sonic Mania Plus – which is the “ultimate celebration of past and future” – created by Sega.

Those of you who may be around my age may (hopefully) remember the old-school games console Sega Megadrive, well I still have one, but Sonic Mania Plus is exactly like the original Sonic on Sega, just upgraded with better video quality.

Moving onto the other games I bought when I purchased my Nintendo Switch include:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons The game I have played the most.

Hello Neighbour (I am yet to play this game, and bought it because I watched my favourite YouTubers playing the game; Joe Sugg and Daz Games).

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy I have played this maybe once or twice, something I used to love playing on my Playstation 1 & 2.

MarioKart 8 Deluxe I have played this game a few times, and it is similar to Sonic, it is all the old games of Mario from the Nintendio DS era.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 & 2 I am yet to learn the controls of this game again, and it is a remake of the game from Playstation 1 and 2 to match today’s gaming graphics and video.

I have recently bought a new game; a game I have downloaded straight to my Nintendo Switch which has taken over from my constant play of Animal Crossing and that game is:

Disney Dreamlight Valley

This game is SO good! I have been waiting for the release of this, and on a cheap buy, and thankfully with my points I accumulated through buying some other games straight to download on my Nintendo Switch (mainly word puzzles, monopoly – which I found I need multiplayer for, and a game called “Hope’s Farm”, I had a discount on the already discounted price of Disney Dreamlight Valley, which only cost me a total of £15.83 instead of £20.

Upon starting up this game I was unsure what it was going to be like, and being a Disney fan I, unsurprisingly, enjoy playing it.

The game started on a new game on 31st December 2022, from 11am up to midnight into the new year, I was playing the game! I managed to get to level 5, unlock a realm from the castle, and unlock the barrier blocking the valley onto the beach!

Anyone who has played this, what do you think? Are you enjoying it?

The only thing that is frustrating when playing the game is the glitching. Today is January 1st 2023, and I have been playing the game most of today and taking a break to try and eat my dinner, too. but the game has been very glitchy today, to the point the software closed completely.

I have stopped playing it to write this review on the game and what other games I have for my Nintendo Switch. I am going to head off and watching the latest video game from Daz Games and take a break from Disney dreamvalley for the moment, but wanted to let you guys know despite the glitching on the game its great to play and I recommend downloading it and giving it a go!

Here is a link to the game website for information on the game

Here are some In-Game photos I took of me (as best reflection as possible) with Goofy and Mickey, which I absolutely love, I know its just a game but these ingame photos are so cool! LOL.

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