I am back!!

Heeeyyy everyone!

I am back, and I aim to start building this page with reviews and stories of events I have attended, and Celebrities I have met over the past decade!

I do apologise for not being very active on here – a lot has been going on, and with losing my cat a few months ago I retreated back into what I call my anxiety shell.

I will be updating the layout of my website and sorting a lot of things with the sub links, etc etc. I have a great plan going forward for this site of mine, and I aim to post twice a week, with a number of posts, once a week will be a post of my experiences meeting a celebrity, and the second time posting will be a few film reviews I have watched from the previous week!

I will also be creating what I want to be call “horror hype” – Every week I will post a new horror film I have watched, from the previous week, and this will be in a specific sub link on my page, and I welcome anyone to suggest a new horror film for me to watch – I want this to be interactive, so suggest any film, could be horror (specifically for this), or any film you really have enjoyed watching, and I will give it a watch and share my thoughts – this doesn’t need to be limited to films though, I am open to any suggested TV shows too.

Let me know!!

I look forward to being back on here and sharing more stories and film / tv show reviews with you all!!

Thank-you for your ongoing support, too!

Sarah x

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