I’ll be back soon…

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed I have not posted any reviews since January 2022, and I have to apologise for this.

A lot has been going on, with life, work, I have been grieving the death of Tom Parker (of whom I have had the opportunity to meet several times since 2012), and his death had hit me hard, I have also been battling with a bad case of COVID-19 where I have been bed-bound for the past two weeks, I am getting better but I now have what is called “Long Covid” with breathing issues, coughing, and pains on my sides from the constant coughing – which is lingering.

I also now have a bad cold-sore on my lip, so although that is nothing major, it just seems to have all come at once, along with my cat being poorly and having to rush him to the vets..

So, yeah, a lot has been happening, but I will be back!!! I just need time to recover from everything, and ease back into work, reviewing on here, watching movies, and being myself again!

I cannot say when I aim to post but I am planning to very soon, you will know once I am back as I will start posting what I currently have in my drafts.

In the meantime, enjoy yourselves, read through what I already have on my site, and stay safe and well!

Speak to you all soon, and thank-you for the support despite my absence.

Sarah x

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