January 2022 UPDATE.

Hello everyone, Happy New Year to you all…

An update to the start of the new year…

You may have noticed I have posted a few film reviews at the start of this month, and nothing since, I do apololgise for that. A lot has been going on recently, which has overtaken huge parts of my personal life.

I have started studying a Diploma course in English and Arts and Humanities. I also have a new job, which I have been lucky to get through a friend of mine, which works out well with other aspects of my life and studies.

I have NOT forgotten this page, but for now, whilst things are all over the place, I will try my best to update as regularly as I can, I am going to be presenting some new upgrades to this page too, and adding some new features for you guys to access for reviews, which will be VIDEO GAMES.

Yes, you read that right. I have bought myself a Nintendo Switch so I have also been busy on that, and my friends have introduced me to Animal Crossing, which, well, has taken over parts of my free time, but as my studies begin I will be creating a timetable to allocate everything to, including this website of mine.

Please bare with me and I shall be back before you know it, and I will be posting as regular as I can, I have a list of shows and movies I will be posting about, and game suggestions too.

Hope you are all well, and your new year has started on a positive.

Thankyou for your support so far,

UPDATE (5th March 2022);

I have been focusing on studying part-time, and watching suggested films and TV shows, where I have been writing reviews for, I will be posting them in the next few days, including my review of the new DC film “The Batman”.

Sarah x

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