One More Update… I Promise!!!

Hi Guys and gals,

As you have all noticed I have not posted anything for over a month, I have not forgotten to, and I do have a list of reviews to finish and post – but I just have not had any time with work.

As I now work at a cinema, and have done since May 2021, things have been REALLY busy lately, especially with the release of James Bond: No Time To Die, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and upcoming Halloween movies too.

As things are becoming more “normal” again, my work has opened up to Full Capacity, and I have picked up a lot of shifts, so I have been very very busy with working a lot, and then catching up with other things during my days off, which are nearly completed, a few private things going on.

So many good things have been happening to me lately, but I promise you all, I will be updating again soon, and when I do you will have SO MANY posts on reviews, and my personal blog stories to enjoy – 100%!

For now, I shall say thankyou for all your ongoing support and I will be entertaining you again with my posts within the next few weeks!

Speak to you all soon.



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