July/August Update, 2021

Hello everyone,

Apologies for the lack of posting reviews, just to let you all know – I have been incredibly busy with work at my local cinema. As we are at full capacity at the moment, until September, I am working as many hours as I possibly can, for extra money, so, honestly, I have watched a fair few TV shows, and films, I have a list of drafted reviews I need to complete and post. As-well-as this, I also have a list, on my phone, of TV shows and films to watch and to review.

I promise I will be back very soon, in the next few weeks I will do my best to post some reviews, and finish my post for shows/movies I did actually watch, in July! That post is a little delayed too – Sorry.

I will be back soon, and I will be posting regularly again. In the meantime take a look at the content I already have on here, and read my latest review for Jungle Cruise, which is doing VERY WELL at the cinema’s and on Disney Plus!

See you all very soon,

Sarah x

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