A little update…

Hello everyone,

First of all, thank-you for visiting my page and for reading my blogs/film/TV reviews, it is very much appreciated.

Secondly, I would like to apologise for being a little inactive and not posting any blog entries or many TV/film reviews, I have not been myself a lot lately. I suffered a fallback on my Anxiety levels, been feeling mentally drained from doing a lot of over-time at my employment of work, being unwell from food intolerance, and then dealing with a break-up, it has all become too much for me in the past week or so. I have reached out for help from my counsellor again which so far is going well, I am undertaking daily meditation sessions through Headspace and I am now on some anti-depressant medication to help with my increased levels of anxiety.

I am doing all the right things and on the road to being myself again, I am just taking things as they come now, and after the rough time I have had and emotions running high as the sky, I am finally becoming much more calmer, much more relaxed and feeling more and more myself again – It is just taking some time.

I will be back soon, so keep an eye on any updates, but for now I am focusing on myself and giving myself a bit of a breather.

Thank-you and see you all very soon.

Sarah x

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