One of the funniest couples to exist.

This podcast, acronym; SMA, is one created by Chris Ramsey and Rosie Ramsey. It is a weekly podcast which has been ongoing every single week, without fail, for over a year, and at the time of publishing this review, there are 94 episodes to enjoy!

The only way Rosie and Chris Ramsey can have a conversation without being interrupted by a toddler or ending up staring at their phones is by doing a podcast every week. They chat about life, relationships, annoyances; what each of their “beef” is for each other every week, arguments, parenting, growing up, and recently they have included a segment called “Rosie’s Mysteries” which is a personal favourite of mine, especially as Rosie has recorded Robin doing his “robins mysteries” introduction, which is adorable. Each week they also answer questions from the public and have a celebrity feature for “celebrity question”, which at the start they had loads, and then it sort of faded out, so some weeks they have a celebrity feature with a question for both Chris and Rosie, but other times they don’t, but it works, whatever they do.

I have been an avid listener from the start, apart from a period where I had roughly 12 weeks of podcasts to catch up on, which I managed in a few weeks, and I now listen to the latest when it drops into Spotify every Friday morning (so I have something funny to listen to on the way to work).

As this podcast is such a success, it has recently been added to the ACAST network, but Chris is still fighting for that sponsor, bless him!

This week’s lucrative sponsor of the podcast; episode 94: Gorgey Hun is standing on the pavement next to the zebra crossing, having a conversation but not actually using the zebra crossing.

Along with this podcast, Chris and Rosie wrote a book based on the podcast, which is more of the same except they have included more funny content that never made it to the podcasts, and the book is split into sections;




Let’s Talk About Shit; which is definitely not for the faint hearted!

If you haven’t listened to any of the podcasts, and this is the first time you are learning of this, and you love to laugh this is the one for you, but you need to listen to them from the start, so 94 episodes to catch up on, which, in my opinion, is worth it for great laughs every week from these two. They are my absolute favourite people and I am so happy they do a podcast, as I look forward to it every week, they have also carried me mentally through 2020.

Their book is also good, which i recommend a buy and to read – I have a signed copy of the book, after being able to attend virtual interview of them talking about their book way back in September, and I had a signed book sent to me afterwards. I haven’t finished the book yet, I am slowly going through it, and I have an audio of them reading the book, but I will be finishing it before the end of the year, so far I am loving it, and I sit crying with laughter at some chapters.

Aside from the success of both the podcast and the book, Chris and Rosie were due to do a tour of SMA this year, which obviously has been postponed due to Corona, but they will be going ahead with the SMA tour in May 2021, tickets are still available to purchase. They will be touring across the UK so be sure to check out Ticketmaster for tickets, and if they will be visiting near you, in the UK.

As I have said before, thoroughly enjoy the podcasts and the book, and I am looking forward to the tour next year, too.

For now, I shall give this podcast a 5 star rating (but in my mind I am rating it much higher, but I only have access to a 5 star rating).

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Now, what are you waiting for?! Head over to iTunes, or Spotify, and start listening to the podcasts, you have 94 (will be 95 on Friday) to catch up on, if you haven’t listened before, and if you are, WELL DONE. And purchase their book, gift it to people for Christmas, purchase the audible and read the book with Chris and Rosie reading it to you. You will enjoy it, for sure!

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