By Night’s End (2020)

Directed by: Walker Whited

Written by: Sean McCane & Walker Whited

Starring: Michelle Rose, Kurt Yue, Michael Aaron Milligan.

By Night’s End focuses on a couple who wake up in the middle of the night to a random man in their home, searching for something. After an altercation, they are forced to kill the mysterious man in self-defence and do not call the police for a further hour as they search their own house in hope to find some fortune that may have been hidden.

This film is 85 minutes long, and the duration of the film focuses on the couple and new problems they face during the night, including how to hide the body of the guy they shot dead at the start of the film, and a police officer who was killed by a bow&arrow shot through his neck, by another mysterious man who wants what is his, in the house.

The couple, named Heather and Mark, played by Michelle Rose and Kurt Yue, are a couple, maybe in their early 30s, who are also coping with the loss of their young daughter. With Christmas looming around the corner, cracks are showing in their marriage, struggles of this loss and finding it difficult to cope with their first year without their daughter has placed a strain on their marriage.

As briefly mentioned before, they find a random man in their house in the middle of the night, who offers them $10,000 if they let him go, but after he tries to kill one of them by pulling a gun out of his pocket, they have no option but to kill him and try to hide the body.

The film revolves around Heather and Mark trying to find a way to protect themselves from a random stranger who is demanding to search their home for what is his, which is assumed to be a large sum of money, and finding a way to hide the body that they have in their bathroom, of the first intruder, the body of a police officer and also fighting off an assailant who won’t leave them alone until he gets what he wants, oh and trying to not be caught by the police in the process.

After watching By Night’s End, I was unsure how to take the ending, as the film continued to build throughout and then the ending seemed, to me, to flop suddenly, and I was expecting a better ending to the film. However, without giving too much information away, I enjoyed the action within the film, as it is technically a crime thriller, it progressed well during the 85 minutes of screen time.

Although this film does not meet my criteria of the best films I have seen recently, it was still a good film to watch, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I was kept hooked up to the end scenes where I felt disappointed, but I so recommend this a watch.

I give this film a 3.5 star rating!

Rating: 3 out of 5.
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By Night’s End is available to watch of a number of digital platforms including; Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, DirecTV, FlixFling, Vudu and AT&T.

This film review is brought to you on behalf of Rock Salt Releasing, who I often write reviews for.

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