Saved By The Bell Reboot (2020)

Last month I briefly mentioned this show was to be aired in November 2020, and ready to watch on Peacock TV.

For those in the UK who grew up watching this show (like myself) were all, I hope, excited for this reboot. As it is only available in the US at the moment, I don’t think it will be long before it arrives in other countries to watch, even though I have already seen this show. Upon its release on 25th November 2020, I used my trusted VPN, through Surfshark, and watched the whole series. I managed to do this as I am lucky enough to have a few friends overseas who have helped me with this. The first episode – the pilot episode, is free to watch, all you need is a VPN to watch (if not in the US), the rest is more difficult to bypass without an American address to activate 7 days free trial, but not impossible as there are other avenues to go down to watch this.

Peacock TV’s highly-anticipated show Saved By The Bell reboot was one I have been excited for since the official announcement of this, in late 2019.

This show follows a brand new cast, based in the present day, within Bayside High, and the show also features The Max (if familiar with the original series, this was a popular set in the show).

The new class of 2020 of SBTB within the new setting of The Max.

The new cast members, and the SBTB class of 2020 include:

Mitchell Hoog as Mac Morris

Belmont Cameli as Jamie Spano

Josie Totah as Lexi

Haskiri Velazquez as Daisy

Alycia Pascual-Pena as Aisha

Dexter Darden as Devante

John Michael Higgins as Principal Toddman

I watched the show in one sitting yesterday, I could not wait any longer, and it was worth the long wait, for sure! It is packed with so many original nostalgic scenes, many easter eggs from the original series. If you have watched “Zack Morris is Trash” on YouTube, you will have noticed a few of the quotes from the YouTube videos, created by Dashiell Driscoll – who also co-hosts a podcast with Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris) named “Zack To The Future”, being used in the reboot series.

After watching the reboot, I was unsure of what to think to the theme tune, I preferred the original, but this is a minimal issue I had when watching. By the end of episode 10 (also the final episode of the new series), I had become more accustomed to the rebranded theme tune (but I still prefer the original).

There was an episode within this reboot which the theme tune changed back to the original, did anyone notice this? (if you have seen this already, of course) I certainly did, and it was also an episode where the reunion of the original, minus two main characters, happened. The reunion cast members included; Mario Lopez (AC Slater), Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly Kapowski), Lark Voorhies (Lisa Turtle), Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie Spano) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris). Unfortunately, there was no sign of Mr Belding or Screech, but there were mentions of both characters; Screech is living in Space, and Mr Belding had retired!

The SBTB gang from the original series, including Max (from The Max), Mr Belding and Screech.

I enjoyed this show a lot, and I am honestly struggling to not give more information about this, and why I enjoyed it so much, I am planning to rewatch the reboot during the weekend, it’s that good!

Zack Morris is now the governor of California, Kelly Kapowski is married to Zack and is the First Lady because if Zacks governing title, Jessie is working at Bayside as a school counsellor, AC Slater is a football coach at Bayside. One of the old teachers, from the original, makes a return and seems to still be teaching at Bayside, and that teacher is Mr Dewey (played by Patrick Thomas O’Brien).

If you loved the original series, and have been looking forward to this reboot, I suggest watching it. If you are not from America, I am sure there are other ways to gain access to this through searching for free TV shows online, as many people seem to do nowadays, this is one you do not want to miss out on, that’s for sure!.

I also posted a video on my Instagram story of one scene that is a massive easter egg relating to the original series, which Mario Lopez saw and posted on HIS Instagram Story, which cheered me up a lot, as I was not expecting that, at all, he also liked two of my comments on his Instagram posts. Mark-paul Gosselaar had also viewed one of my Instagram stories last week too!

The bottom left screen print is what Mario posted on his Instagram, it is a video I posted and he then posted on his story yesterday 😀

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