Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Delay to November 2021!

For those of you (like me) who were looking forward to this anticipated cinema release of this film on 10th July 2020, and found it was announced for a delay to 5th March 2021, you will be as gutted as I am to learn that a further delay of the release has now been pushed back further, to a new date of 11th June 2021. This apparently is a release date in America, as confirmed by Sony Pictures, so who knows when other countries will know a date of release, the UK hasn’t yet had an official date of release from the delay (hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer past the US date!).

UPDATE: this film is now due for release in November 2021, after a third push back!

It looks as though us Ghostbuster fans are forced to wait a little longer to see this film, its already been thirty-six years since the release of the original film, I guess a further year is going to have to be accepted, what choice do we have?

I don’t know about anyone else, but the more this is delayed, the more I want to see it! If it is as good as the trailer looks, we are in for a treat; otherwise, the long wait will be a letdown. But, as you have probably gathered from my film reviews, I enjoy most things and tend to give a lot of films/TV shows a chance. I am still excited for this release, however, I hope no more delays will happen on release to this film!

The cast of this film looks great, a few actors I like are involved, including Finn Wolfhard (who is known as playing Mike in Stranger Things) and Paul Rudd (who is known, if you are a FRIENDS fan, like myself, as Mike Hannigan). He is also known for Marvel’s: Ant-Man, Living with Myself, and many other films/TV, however, I will always love him in FRIENDS, but his film and TV career is impressive.

Let me know if you are excited about this film, I know I am – well when it is eventually released to cinema’s (Covid-19 has ruined 2020 for sure, darn it!)

GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE – Official Trailer (HD), via YouTube

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